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Should you DIY your wedding flowers?

Harmony Harvest Farm
Harmony Harvest Farm
Harmony Harvest Farm
Photos are from Harmony Harvest Flower Farm
In the age of Pinterest and YouTube, DIY inspiration is everywhere. But should you take on your wedding flowers as a DIY project? Well…maybe.

  • Flower arranging isn’t easy. Realize that florists are highly trained creative professionals and they may make flower arranging look easy, but it isn’t. If you have certain must-have flowers that may not be grown locally, rose-covered arbors or large, voluptuous centerpieces in mind, then hire a professional. You will be glad you did.
  • Are you flexible? If your vision of your wedding flowers is more flexible, a local flower farm can be a great resource. They can give you an estimate of what will be blooming at the time of your wedding (remember that weather is a huge factor in farming so being flexible about your flowers is very important). Many flower farms, like the ones featured below, offer full florist services as well.
  • Take a class. There are flower arranging courses available at some flower farms and florists-take a course in advance and see if it’s something you would enjoy doing. If it is going to make you miserable, hire a professional.
  • Do both! Consider a hybrid approach-get your bouquet and boutonnières made by a professional and do more casual table centerpieces yourself.
  • Weigh the cost of your time. Even with help, arranging flowers is time consuming. Will you have time in the days before the wedding to pick up the flowers, arrange them, keep them cool and then transport them to the venue the day of?
  • Don’t forget the details. You will have to provide your own vases (or rent them) and floral supplies; pins, tape, floral wire and ribbon.
  • Get help. Don’t go it alone-gather a group of friends and family to help you-it is much more fun that way!

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

How Compromising Can Save Your Wedding Plans

Contributed by Mona Freund of Siege Media
How to Compromise

We all know that planning a wedding can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful experiences of your relationship to date. If you and your partner have different ideas of what the big day should look like, even the most experienced wedding planner may struggle to please both of you.

When you can’t decide on the perfect location, the best wine, or are stuck between hiring a DJ or a band, you’ll have to compromise to move forward. A true compromise is an art form and will leave both parties with a solution they’re content with. Here is a step-by-step guide on finding a compromise with your partner:


Step 1: Make your case and listen

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding day ever since you were a little child? Tell your partner why this day is so important to you and how you’re picturing it. Then listen to their point of view and be sure not to interrupt each other. This conversation will be the foundation of your compromise so take your time and be respectful of each other’s opinions and ideas.

See all the steps to compromising & get your downloadable worksheets here

Wedding Planning Checklist

Ready to Start Planning?

Our comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist will lead you step by step through the process of planning your wedding! We have a shorter version you can download as a pdf. Need help with your planning? Let Burleson’s Big Day Events or Laura Louise Events and Design help you every step of the way!

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